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The Ohio Snowmobiler
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Publisher: Brian Gidley
Editor: Larry Gidley
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     Denise Sanzo

Ohio’s Only Magazine for Ohio Snowmobilers

Ohio Snowmobiler (OSS), the only magazine for Ohio snowmobilers, is the official publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association (OSSA). Your message is delivered directly into the hands of qualified snowmobile enthusiasts including all OSSA members, all OSSA clubs, snowmobile racing enthusiasts & all parties interested in the sport of snowmobiling. The OSS is dedicated to providing it's readers with snowmobiling activities within the State of Ohio, Canada & surrounding states, informative articles, safety information, travel destinations, product reviews, legislative reports, product recalls and much, much more. The OSS is published six times annually, September-April.

Consider these Ohio Snowmobile Facts:

  • The average suggested retail price of a new snowmobile sold in Ohio in 2012 was $12,899.
  • Ohio has one of the oldest state organizations, OSSA.
  • In 2012 the total registered snowmobiles in the state of Ohio was 14,000.
  • 54% of snowmobilers trailer their snowmobiles to ride, while 90% of Ohio snowmobilers trailer their snowmobiles out of state to ride. Advertise in the Ohio Snowmobiler to direct them to your business.

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The Ohio Snowmobiler is published for the Ohio State Snowmobile Association. It is mailed directly to OSSA members. Additional copies are distributed directly to the public by OSSA commercial members, snowmobile clubs, public snowmobiling events & bonus mailings.

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