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The Ohio Snowmobiler magazine has been the voice for the Ohio State Snowmobile Association for over 30 years and is published 6 times a year, (Sept.-Mar). Over those years the magazine has been revamped and revived numerous times. Most recently the name was changed from the Ohio State Snowmobiler to the “Ohio Snowmobiler” magazine to streamline itself with a changing industry. The Ohio Snowmobiler is a print and online publication that strives to better inform Ohio Snowmobilers of current events. Our staff is comprised of snowmobilers, a dedicated group of passionate enthusiasts from several generations who enjoy the great outdoors, especially via snowmobile.

Brian is the publisher of the Ohio Snowmobiler magazine and Sno-Dak News.
As a native Northeast Ohioan, Brian started riding sleds at the age of 7 and has served as publisher since 2000. He has ridden sleds in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Quebec and Ontario. Brian has served in volunteer positions with his local Club, the Ohio State Snowmobile Association, attended numerous International Snowmobile Congresses and currently is working with the ODNR to further enhance snowmobiling opportunities in Ohio.

Mission/Vision Statement: A Leading State Publication Dedicated to Informing, Educating and Assisting Ohio Snowmobilers now and for future generations.

Notice: The Ohio Snowmobiler is published by L.B.L Litho, Inc. for the Ohio State Snowmobile Association. The views and opinions expressed by our contributors and advertisers are not necessarily those of the Association of Ohio Snowmobile Clubs or the Ohio Snowmobile Magazine and it’s staff.

Circulation: The Ohio Snowmobiler is the official publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association and is distributed as part of the membership benefits of O.S.S.A. It is also circulated through select promotional distributions. The Ohio Snowmobiler is published six times a year (September/October, November, December, January, February, and March/April).

Editorial: All manuscripts, materials, photographs, and artwork submitted are at mailer’s own risk and must include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for return. No responsibility will be assumed for unsolicited materials. Contents copyright 2013 by L.B.L. Litho, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction is prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by publisher. Printed in USA.

Warning: Some of the photographs in this publication show action that may be potentially dangerous. We encourage safe operation of all snowmobile equipment and advise you not to attempt to duplicate any action that is seen on these pages. Let your experience and skill guide you.

Disclaimer: The contents of advertisements which appear in the Ohio Snowmobiler are solely the responsibility of advertisers.