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I am hoping all of you had a safe and happy New Years. I am writing this to you with the OSSA Ride In being just around the corner. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates with us again this year and brings us an abundance of the white stuff.

I am gathering up all the raffle tickets that all of you have helped us sell and you did a great job again this year. The OSSA believes that this can return a great deal of money back to the clubs in accordance to what they put in to it. Last year the sled raffle returned over $2000 back to the clubs based on their sale performance. For those of you that didn’t know, there is a 20% return back to the club based on what they turn in for sales. Not a bad return considering, there is no upfront cost associated with the printing of the raffle tickets or the biggest part, the purchase. There is no worry that you have to sell a minimum amount just so you can break even. The only thing needed is for your club to ask for tickets and start selling them. For every 10 dollars your club sells you get 2 dollars back, the more you sell the more you get back.

I would also be remiss if I did not thank the wonderful Organizations, companies, and for the first time, local snowmobile clubs. These organizations all helped by donating in some way making this our biggest prize ticket yet. Thank you to Andover Bank for the donation of paying for the expense of the printing of the raffle ticket. Thank you to Mike’s Bikes & More for their donation of the Castle racing jacket, Helmet, and gloves. Thank you to North Ridge Yamaha for $250 gift certificate. Thank you to Loudermilk Tractor & Cycle for the $200 gift certificate. Thank you to Richmond Trailer Sales for the $200 gift certificate. Thank you to Bulldog Battery for the $150 gift certificate. Thank you to our first snowmobile club, Montville Highlander Snowmobile Club that donated $150 cash. Thank you to Maple Ridge Golf Course for the $100 gift certificate. Thank you to Hemly Tool for the $100 gift certificate. Thank you to Hauser Landscaping for the $100 Gift certificate. Thank you to Barry’s Auto Repair for the $100 Gift certificate. Thank you to Great Lakes Buick for the $100 Gift certificate for auto detailing. Thank you to Grand River Trail Riders Snowmobile Club for the $100 cash prize. Thank you to Thompson Ledge Runners Snowmobile Club for the $100 cash prize. Thank you to Troy Snowmobile Association, Ltd. for the $100 cash prize. Thank you to American Powersports for the snowmobile cover. I also want to thank all those on the OSSA board that went out of their way to help obtain all of these prizes which totals in excess of 2000 dollars, what a great team. Now the next time you are out and about and happen to be in one of the fine establishments please express your gratitude to all these generous organizations because it sure makes selling these tickets easier with so many other wonderful prizes listed on the ticket.

Remember to save the date for the Spring Banquet on April 5, 2014 and again it will be held at Quail Hollow as everyone was very pleased with what transpired. This is one that you will not want to miss, good food and lots of awards.

Please respect the trails and the landowners and ride safe.

Your Vice President,
Brian Kothera


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