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Hello Fellow Safe Riders,

Hello Riders
Well I am sure you have all got a chance to go out and ride by this time of the year and had a safe and great time.

We just finished up our 2nd Safety Course of the year at The Ashtabula County Medical Center and we had a very good turn out of kids as well as adults. I am happy to say, all the students passed and received their safety cards. I would like to thank Paul Carpenter and Great Lakes GMC/Buick for providing lunch and beverages.

I just want to take a minute to remind everyone to slow down a little so you can take in the beautiful scenery out on the trails as well as just being able to stop and be ready in case something jumps out in front of you. Make sure when riding at night, you are able to stop within the distance of your headlight beam. I have know 3 people that hit deer and totaled their snowmobile by not following that tip.

Kids, make sure when you are going on a trip, to make sure your helmet, suits, gloves, etc. got packed in the trailer, don’t leave it for mom or dad to do because they have enough to worry about and pack. Don’t forget your hand signals as well as you hit the trails and most important, do not forget to be courteous to other snowmobiles but especially pedestrians, other trail users and most important, the land owners. Hopefully I will see all you great folks at the O.S.S.A. Ride-In.


Ride Safe,
Tim Doerr


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