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The O.S.S.A. is consistently working with the State organizations to keep our Clubs and individual members informed. As you read the following information, remember, all we ask is your support by joining us. STAND UP and be a COUNTED, dedicated SNOWMOBILER for the Local, State & National Legislative bodies.

Every snowmobiler is an example of this great sport. Make your example a good one by respecting the rights and property of others.

Membership Benefits:
  1. Host Annual Go Snowmobiling Event
  2. Host V.I.P. RIde for Elected Officials and Media
  3. We work closely with O.D.N.R. to establish public trails.
  4. Legislative contact on State & National levels to protect our right to ride on public lands.
  5. $100.00 Charity Club Match adjusted to budget yearly. A sample of our Charity Donations:
    1. Easter Seal Society
    2. Salvation Army
    3. Local Volunteer Fire Dept.
  6. We compile all Snowmobile Charities from Ohio for International Charity Report
  7. We attend many meetings to keep the Snowmobiler up to date:
    1. Rails to Trails
    2. Ohio Trails Council
    3. Western Reserve Greenway Trail
    4. The Ohio to Erie Trail
    5. Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
  8. We are members of:
    1. International Snowmobile Council
    2. Mid-West Chapter of American Council of Snowmobile Assn.
    3. Blue Ribbon Coalition
    4. North Shore Trail
    5. Western Reserve Greenway Trail
    6. Rails to Trails
  1. An OSSA delegate attends the International Snowmobile Congress, Mid-West Chapter and various other conventions, to better inform the O.S.S.A. of happenings in other states.
  2. We have a Snowmobile Safety Program for all ages.
  3. Annual SPRING Meeting - OPEN to all Snowmobilers in Ohio. Opportunity to vote for or become a board member.
  4. O.S.S.A. Magazine (7 Issues), which anyone can write articles for, publisher approved.
  5. We publish a book annually in the fall, to assist Snowmobilers in finding:
    1. Dealerships
    2. Service & Repair
    3. Trailers
    4. Lodging
    5. Travel - Destinations
    6. Parts & Equipment
  6. Best newsletter contest for Clubs, with Awards
  7. Information Booklets on how to organize Snowmobile Clubs & other Snowmobile events.

Membership Dues Pay For

  • Touring & Trails Information
  • The opportunity to take part in Local, Regional, State & National events.
  • Plus! With your Membership, you will receive seven monthly magazines of Ohio Snowmobiler.
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